The Craft Concessionary Box

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Subscribe for our Monthly Box of hand picked Craft Beers from Ireland & around the World. 

If you've ever been in one of our stores, you'll know we have an excellent range packed with new, local, firm favourites, International beers and everything in between.

Subscribing to our Monthly box means we get the opportunity to impress you! Every month, we'll send you our latest offering. Based on the beers and producers, it could be 6 beers, 4 beers etc. We're not limiting ourselves to numbers because then we can send you the best. Truth be told if we find the best beer on earth, we might only send one beer in a particular month BUT you'll always know it's worth it. And cancel at any time, it's that easy.

First sign ups receive our €20 Introductory offer and a free glass!